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Native mesquite pod flour is delicious in a wide array of cooking and baking. As a legume, it is gluten free and rich in soluble fiber (galactomannan). It is a valuable ingredient in any grain-free or diabetic diet. Aexcellent source of calcium and magnesium, mesquite flour is also higher in protein than most conventional grain flours. An original RAFT (Renewing America's Food Traditions) selection and boarded onto Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste, mesquite pod flour has a sweet, earthy taste with notes of cinnamon, molasses, and caramel. It's aroma is vaguely reminiscent of warm gingerbread.
Mesquite trees thrive in arid lands without supplemental water, and provide a foundation for a diverse yet threatened ecosystem. Commercially, mesquite trees are valued primarily for their beautiful wood. Throughout their range they are exploited for charcoal production for fuel and cooking. While ancient diets depended on mesquite flour for sustenance, the value of living mesquite forests as a food source is largely overlooked today.

About Our Mesquite Flour
Throughout the year we offer the largest selection of mesquite flour available anywhere. Since the mesquite harvest is seasonal and climatically variable pods, quantities are limited. All flour is hand-harvested and milled in small batches.

We specialize in North American mesquite flour (Prosopis velutina or "Velvet Mesquite") that is harvested and milled in Arizona's Sonoran Desert (most flour sold in the United States is actually "algarrobo," a South American species of Prosopis). Flavors and textures of mesquite flour vary from species to species and even tree to tree. Flour milled from raw pods has a mellower flavor than flour made from pods roasted or toasted prior to milling. Coarsely ground mesquite is often called "meal." Currently we offer only North American raw flour. 

Current Mesquite Flour Selections
All-Purpose Velvet Mesquite Flour - BACK IN STOCK!
This mesquite flour comes from Arizona's Sonoran Desert. Whole pods are hand-harvested, milled in small batches, then flour is finely sifted to remove the woody chaff. Texture is not quite as fine as conventional flours, but not nearly as coarse as a meal (all particles pass through a 1000 micron sieve, and most are much finer). Flour has a soft texture when cooked. Substitute about one third of your usual flour blend (whether wheat-based or gluten free) with this flour in most recipes. Use more to taste.
8 oz. resealable pouch.
XXX Superfine Velvet Mesquite Flour - OUT OF STOCK
This the crème de la crème of mesquite flour is from wild harvested pods from Southeast Arizona's rural river valleys. Only the finest, lightest, fluffiest particles make it into this grade. About half as dense as our All-Purpose Mesquite Flour. Sweet flavor. We don't use this for all purpose baking, but recommend it if you need an ultra-smooth texture for mesquite flan/custard, puddings, chocolates, frosting, fudge, or penuche. Its light color won't interfere with the color of your confections quite as much as South American mesquite flours. Also used to thicken gravy.
4 oz. resealable pouch (about the same volume as an 8 oz. pouch of All-Purpose Velvet Mesquite Flour).

Other Desert Selections
Mesquite Pancake & Waffle Mix - IN STOCK!
Our own recipe. Ingredients: velvet mesquite flour, unbleached red winter wheat flour, sprouted & kiln dried barley flour, aluminum-free baking powder, sea salt. A bag makes two batches. Each batch makes 6 thick or 12 delicate 4" round pancakes, or 3-4 classic 7" round waffles.
10 oz. resealable bag.
Blue Corn Pancake & Waffle Mix - IN STOCK!
Our own recipe. Ingredients: organic whole-grain heirloom (non-GMO) blue corn meal, unbleached red winter wheat flour, sprouted & kiln dried barley flour, aluminum-free baking powder, evaporated cane juice, sea salt. A bag makes three batches. Each batch makes 6 thick or 12 delicate 4" round pancakes, or 3-4 classic 7" round waffles.
14.75 oz. resealable bag.
Chia Seed - IN STOCK!
Salvia hispanica. Rich in soluble fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, and omega three fatty acids.
12 oz. resealable pouch.

We ship via USPS to the USA for $5 for 1-2 pouches/bags, $10 for 3 or more pouches/bags. All shipments to Arizona are a flat $5 regardless of quantity. Orders ship in 7-14 business days. During the harvest season, orders may take up to 4 weeks. If you need delivery by a certain date, please contact us, and we will do our best to get it to you ASAP. If you live over the border or across the pond, please contact us for shipping rates. Thank you for your business!

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We do not have a retail store, but sell our "Natural Selections from the Sonoran Desert" at local farmers' markets, regional specialty shops, and online.
The Mesquitery is located in pristine Aravaipa Canyon, Arizona. Our mailing address is: The Mesquitery, PO Box 72, Oracle AZ 85623.
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